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Anime DVDs F - G arrow Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus (1 disc) Sub

Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus (1 disc) Sub

Price: $28.99
You Save: 40.00%

Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus (1 disc) Sub
Item Code :   MA5205
Quantity :   1
Dialogue :   Japanese
Subtitle :   English/Malay/Off
Region :   All Region, Free Code
Disc Type :   DVD9
Screen :   16:9
Audio :   Ac3, 5.1 / Ac3, 2.0 Channel
Series Type :   Movie
System :   NTSC
Episodes :   1
Running Time :   Approximately 101 mins

From here, a hunt is taking place over the entire world. For the worthless prey, massacre and atrocities are planned..."
Three years after Final Fantasy VII,
a mysterious group suddenly surfaces to raid a town. They are a group
of soldiers known as the Deepground Soldiers (DG Soldiers), created by
the late President Shin-Ra, and trapped under Midgar due to the Meteor
An optional character of the original game, Vincent
Valentine, personally has some connection with this series of events,
but the reason is unknown. What awoke in the underground in these three
years? And what is the tragedy that is beginning? When the world is
engulfed by darkness, his handgun will play the dirge...
'It's the beginning of the end...'

One year has passed since the events in Final Fantasy VII : Advent
Child. Buried alive following the Meteor disaster, a mysterious
group known as the Deep Ground Soldiers emerge and begin raiding the
city of Midgar. The enigmatic Vincent Valentine is somehow connected to
these attacks, and may be as well the only one who can save this
shattered world. Other characters from Final Fantasy VII and Final
Fantasy VII
: Advent Children join Vincent on his journey to save the
one mighty city of Midgar and as the story unfolds, you will bear
witness to shocking trusts never revealed before in Final Fantasy VII...


Customer Reviews:

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