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Anime DVDs U - Z arrow Yu-Gi-Oh Tv Series

Yu-Gi-Oh Tv Series

Price: $67.50
You Save: 40.00%

Yu-Gi-Oh Tv Series
Item Code : YDVD308
Quantity : 3 Disc
Dialogue : Japanese
Subtitle : Chinese/English/Off
Region : All Region, Free Code
Disc Type : DVD9 X 3
Video : Lb
Audio : Hi-Fi
Series Type : TV Series
System : Ntsc
Episodes : 1-32
Running Time : 780 MinsAnime Movie Synopsis:
It seems that in ancient Egypt they would test the measure of a person through magical `games of darkness'. These competitions would determine the `winner' of a trial as well as give some insight into the character of the player. Hold that thought and fast forward to a modern Japanese high school. Consider the existence of a cute girl, a bossy girl, a cynical guy and an honorable to extremes guy then add one more guy who looks like he stepped out of a video game. One of these people might end up solving a puzzle, being a lonely puzzle freak, which re-awakens the magic of the `games of darkness', and brings it into the modern age. Thus the stage is set for visually impressive competitions against villains or an obsessive who awaken this dormant power in one of the cast through their cruel actions.


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